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About us

Hi, I’m Thach founder of Sourcing Vietnam, I’m Vietnamese, I’m living and doing business in Vietnam, I have many years of business experience in Vietnam market so I can help you find source goods with good price and good quality at factories in Vietnam. I work as an individual, If you want to find a reputable and reliable Vietnamese person to represent you to work with the factory, please contact and talk to me, I will answer any questions free of charge that I know about products, factories and sources in Vietnam.

Sourcing is my core service where I provide you with quotes and recommendations of the best suppliers for your products. I myself will be the one to directly sourcing for you. I use my many years of business experience in Vietnam to search for all possible factories, select the best ones for you, contact them and request a quote. I myself would ask as many factories to submit as many quotes as possible, provide initial quotes and provide contact details. I am the person who directly negotiates prices on your behalf and negotiates terms in your favor. I think it is important to you that you are worried about being scammed and losing money when transferring deposits to factories in Vietnam. So it will be me who will verify these factories as real and protect your money. Please fill in your information and needs in the information box below or you can message me whatsapp on this phone number: +84908216308 or email: mosethach@gmail.com.I will reply you as soon as possible.