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  • Sourcing service in Vietnam

    Step 1: PRODUCT INFORMATION Please send mail or text whatsapp: 84908216308 to contact me directly about the product needs you need to find. In it you give me information such as: Product name + Sample product picture doing business in your country (if your product is marketed in your country, on amazon send me the […]
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  • Check and quality control at factory

    In your sourcing process, conducting a factory due diligence is an important step in reducing risk and avoiding fraud. As a reputable Vietnam Sourcing organization, we provide a comprehensive service including quality control, factory audit and verification of the supplier in Vietnam is real, the factory is producing Export the real goods before you transfer […]
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  • Representative trade

    I will replace you to attend meetings with factories in Vietnam if necessary. In the production process, there will be many problems that arise, for example, price negotiation, product quality, production schedule, payment method, etc. You need a reliable person to represent do these things directly with the factory. There are things that need to […]
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  • Factory tours in Vietnam

    Seamlessly Organizing Factory or Supplier Tours in Vietnam In the realm of international sourcing, there is no substitute for firsthand experience. As a trusted Vietnam Sourcing Agency, we offer a comprehensive service that goes beyond conventional sourcing practices. Our factory tour service provides a unique opportunity for foreign buyers to visit Vietnam, explore manufacturing facilities, […]
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  • Business and Invesment

    If you want to set up a factory in Vietnam to produce goods and export your goods to the whole world but don’t know where to start, I will help you from a to z about legal, location and necessary business relationship to establish your business project in Vietnam. If you want to import your […]
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