Check and quality control at factory

In your sourcing process, conducting a factory due diligence is an important step in reducing risk and avoiding fraud. As a reputable Vietnam Sourcing organization, we provide a comprehensive service including quality control, factory audit and verification of the supplier in Vietnam is real, the factory is producing Export the real goods before you transfer the deposit to the factory. Our goal is to give foreign buyers peace of mind by thoroughly evaluating and certifying Vietnamese manufacturers, ensuring their seriousness, existence and ability to meet customers’ needs. . With a dedicated team and extensive on-site presence, we prioritize transparency, reliability and providing insights to help our valued customers. The end goal is that I will protect your money.

To facilitate informed decision making, we conduct a comprehensive plant assessment and verification for our customers. This involves a meticulous assessment of the manufacturer’s facilities, manufacturing processes, and quality control systems. I myself visit factories, inspect their operations and ensure compliance with international standards and specific customer requirements. Through this thorough assessment, we provide our customers with an accurate and objective report detailing the capacity, reliability and suitability of the plant for your needs.

During the production process, I am also present to supervise the production process at the factory regularly to ensure that the factory produces exactly as the sample product that you have approved. I will update you on the production progress regularly by texting, sending pictures, videos, video calls to you via whatsapp before your goods are loaded into the container.

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