Sourcing service in Vietnam


Please send mail or text whatsapp: 84908216308 to contact me directly about the product needs you need to find. In it you give me information such as:

Product name + Sample product picture doing business in your country (if your product is marketed in your country, on amazon send me the brand name, ingredients and recipe or even send me 1 actual product sample if you have it)

Specifications, technical standards: does the product need a factory to meet any standards for example: HACCP, USDA Organic, ..

Carton and packaging specifications: you can send your own branded packaging and carton design files for me to work with the factory. Offset or flexo printed carton, how many components per carton as this affects the price when we negotiate with the factory.


After getting detailed product information from you I will search in Vietnam Large and reputable factories producing your products, usually I work from 3 to 10 different factories. This working time takes a maximum of about 1 week – 2 weeks. I will be the one to work directly with these factories. I prefer factories located in the South of Vietnam and within a radius of 300 km back from the center of Ho Chi Minh City, as this will save on transportation and travel costs for you and me. If we buy goods at a factory that is very far from Ho Chi Minh City, it will cost us a lot of trucking costs to transport the containers to Cat Lai port in Ho Chi Minh City and if the factory is further away. 300k m, I cannot be present regularly to check and supervise the production process on your behalf. The best factory is about 2-3 hours by car from the center of Ho Chi Minh City.

After I work with all the factories, I will compile and select the numbered factories so that together we can select the factory that meets your needs in terms of requirements such as:

Competitive price,

the factory is capable of processing products according to your specifications,

Have the production capacity to meet your output needs.

It is important that the factory has enough certifications to export goods worldwide. For example, if you need products related to the food and beverage industry to export to countries like the US and Europe, the factory needs international certifications such as: FDA, USDA organic, Halal, SGS, HACCP , EU organic, …and why I say certification is very important and difficult when we are looking for a qualified factory in Vietnam. I have worked with more than 10 factories producing canned water, but only 2 factories have full USDA organic certification. There are many small-scale factories in Vietnam, but they do not invest in adequate certification to meet export standards to markets in the US and Europe. Only large and large factories have these certifications. This is also difficult when we look for factories in Vietnam. As you know, large factories with full international certification will have higher product prices than smaller factories.

I will tell you about the price, size, reliability of all the factories that I have worked directly with. You should remember that I have to work face to face directly with the factory owner so that I can verify the reliability of the factory to see if they are trustworthy to avoid the case that they cheat you when you have transferred the deposit to the factory owner. I think this is the most important thing when working with factories. I will protect your money to make sure their factory is real in Vietnam and they are doing real production for you. To get the best price you must tell me the maximum quantity you buy when you trade this product.

During this period, if you need to visit Vietnam directly, please contact me directly. I will arrange accommodation and transportation in Vietnam for you to visit directly to appraise the factory.


After sifting and choosing the best factory in terms of price, quality, scale and reliability. We ask them to send you samples. What is the MOQ quantity at first or you can buy samples from factory. About this normally factory will free sample for you but you have to pay DHL shipping cost from Vietnam to your home. Usually this cost about 200-300$ for 1 time sending sample. Normally, samples are sent by DHL from Vietnam to the US about 3-7 days.

After receiving the form you can agree or disagree with this form. For food and beverage products you must taste to see if the sample product matches the recipe you are looking for.

Case 1: If you agree with the sample, what is your first order MOQ?

Case 2: If you do not agree with the sample product, please specify specific requirements for the factory to overcome and re-produce the second sample for you.

Step 4: ORDER

After the sample product has been approved by you, the first step is to place an order. The first order is normally a minimum of 1 20f container.

Payment method: usually in Vietnam is TT or you can choose other payment methods like LC,..

Factories in Vietnam often quote FOB prices for you or you want to need CNF, CIF prices, you can ask them to quote according to your requirements.

If paying by TT, you have to deposit 30 -50 % of the order value. And you have to pay the rest before the ship arrives at your country port.

I will be the person to directly negotiate the contract on your behalf, with many years of experience working with Vietnamese factories, I negotiate with the factory on favorable terms for you.


After you transfer the deposit to the factory 30-50%, the factory will make a production plan for you. If your product is a first time product and you want the factory to process it under your own brand, you must submit the box design file and product label. It takes about 10 days to make a new print axis and you have to pay the cost to own your own branded roller, the cost you have to pay to the factory to make the print axis is about $1000 for a new SKU. Depending on the product you need to process , normally the production time is about 15-30 days for 1 20 f container .

During the production process, I will be the person directly to the factory to supervise the production process on your behalf. I will test the product at the factory to match the taste, formula and specifications for which you received the sample.

I am the one who book the ship and plan the delivery for you, update the production process and delivery time for you regularly.

I arrange from a to z everything related to when you receive the goods as requested and the arising if any.

You just need to work directly with me, I am the person who works directly with the factory on your behalf.


After the production is finished, I go to the factory to continue to supervise the container packing process before leaving the factory.

I will work directly with the shipping agent to update the shipping process to your port

Shipping time from Vietnam to USA takes 22-30 days. Therefore, you must pay the remaining amount within 7 days after the ship leaves Vietnam port.

You need to let me know your US warehouse location if you want me to arrange trucking to your US warehouse.

You need a logistics agent in the US to arrange customs on the US side to take these containers out and drag them to your warehouse.

We will work as a team with the goal that you will not be scammed and lose money and you will receive the goods exactly as the contract agreed between the factory and you.

You will be the one to sign the contract directly and transfer money directly to the factory. I’m just the person in the middle supporting you to work with factories in Vietnam

This is my experience when working with partners in the US and factories in Vietnam.

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